006: Rescuing Leigha

Day 7:
Leigha was captured by the Wolves, and you all found out she was being held at Clyde’s Cantrips and Curios. You received a note saying her life would be traded for Austin. Upon breaking into the curio shop, you found a secret door in the cellar leading to a catacomb. You found a tomb with a door on the far end, reading “The Room of Treasures Lost”. You found mounds of treasure, and an item that called to you.
Austin found fine silken handwraps.
Drew found a quiver with twelve golden arrows.
Trevor found a mighty helm.
Reece found a fullblade.
Leigha finds thieves’ tools.
Drew was cursed, but you knocked him out and he got amnesia . Leigha met a man named :Kale: .



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