005: Riots

Day 6: Drew experienced a strange dream where he found himself in the woods talking to a man with Echo’s city symbol on his chest and a red band around his wrist. He turned and lined up a shot on a guard then woke up.
The following morning, he spied people talking about possibly attacking some people, although they didn’t specify the group by name. However, the leader of the group left to one of the pub’s associated with discriminating against people with the strange glowing chest sigil.
Later, at a town meeting, the Mages’ Guild issued a statement declaring the sigils as a way for the enemies of Echo to confuse and unsettle the citizens. However, this caused an uprise and riots began all across the city. After visiting the Thieves’ Guild, Trevor was given honorary membership, and the Mages’ Guild tasked you all with capturing a known riot leader Donovan and sent you on many tasks, giving you a large sum of gold in thanks for your services so far.



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