004: Theft and Scrying

Day 4: You went after the scrying mirror, and engaged in many shenanigans. Austin got stuck to planks and developed spots (red glowing ones). Drew was cursed to glow green. Both were decursed by the Mages.
Drew found Cossock’s Cabinet, SureFire, a bag full of rings, a pile of notes, and ink and quills. He traded the rings for Alexander’s Ring. You all learned about Alexander the Sure.
DAY 5: Leigha seduced Jeremiah, a mage who appears to be powerful and hopelessly in love with her.
Reece found a note reading “I Miss You”.
Trevor broke one of the mirrors Austin absconded with and left it with the Mage’s Guild. The other two mirrors are the Scrying Mirror and the Charmless Glass.



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