006: Rescuing Leigha

Day 7:
Leigha was captured by the Wolves, and you all found out she was being held at Clyde’s Cantrips and Curios. You received a note saying her life would be traded for Austin. Upon breaking into the curio shop, you found a secret door in the cellar leading to a catacomb. You found a tomb with a door on the far end, reading “The Room of Treasures Lost”. You found mounds of treasure, and an item that called to you.
Austin found fine silken handwraps.
Drew found a quiver with twelve golden arrows.
Trevor found a mighty helm.
Reece found a fullblade.
Leigha finds thieves’ tools.
Drew was cursed, but you knocked him out and he got amnesia . Leigha met a man named :Kale: .

005: Riots

Day 6: Drew experienced a strange dream where he found himself in the woods talking to a man with Echo’s city symbol on his chest and a red band around his wrist. He turned and lined up a shot on a guard then woke up.
The following morning, he spied people talking about possibly attacking some people, although they didn’t specify the group by name. However, the leader of the group left to one of the pub’s associated with discriminating against people with the strange glowing chest sigil.
Later, at a town meeting, the Mages’ Guild issued a statement declaring the sigils as a way for the enemies of Echo to confuse and unsettle the citizens. However, this caused an uprise and riots began all across the city. After visiting the Thieves’ Guild, Trevor was given honorary membership, and the Mages’ Guild tasked you all with capturing a known riot leader Donovan and sent you on many tasks, giving you a large sum of gold in thanks for your services so far.

004: Theft and Scrying

Day 4: You went after the scrying mirror, and engaged in many shenanigans. Austin got stuck to planks and developed spots (red glowing ones). Drew was cursed to glow green. Both were decursed by the Mages.
Drew found Cossock’s Cabinet, SureFire, a bag full of rings, a pile of notes, and ink and quills. He traded the rings for Alexander’s Ring. You all learned about Alexander the Sure.
DAY 5: Leigha seduced Jeremiah, a mage who appears to be powerful and hopelessly in love with her.
Reece found a note reading “I Miss You”.
Trevor broke one of the mirrors Austin absconded with and left it with the Mage’s Guild. The other two mirrors are the Scrying Mirror and the Charmless Glass.

003: The Meeting and The Mayhem

Day #3:
At the public meeting, there was two groups of northerners – the ones Austin had been following and Tremx’s Wolves. After a brief fight, you killed one of the Wolves and rescued a boy, discovering that he had intended to question House Speaker Mackamy about the glowing glyphs on some people. After rescuing him, you delivered him to an orphanage.
Leigha got a cool dagger from one of the Wolves:
Cool dagger
In order to find out more about the Wolves, Austin lures Alice out, where she is interrogated and killed. The other eladrin woman comes out after Alice and Drew kills her.
You discover that the glyphs are there as a method to cause panic and rioting.

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001: Intro to Echo

DAY #1
Upon entering the city, you discovered that the Northern faction Angra Mainyu. General Tremx is a Northern General from the faction who keeps a summer home near Echo, and is seen in the city frequently when he stays there. From the rumors, he has a squad with him. Tremx’s Squad often is seen at the Raven’s Head Pub and you also followed them from there to Mccreary’s Inn.
Austin purchases a room at Mccreary’s to keep an eye on the potential squad, and Drew stakes out a roof. Reece travelled to the Mages’ Guild, to investigate his cursed cloak. At 5:00 at night, a bright flash blinded nearly everyone and The Dome was activated around the perimeter of the city.
Reece made it to the Mages’ Guild, where he met Derrick and Essel, two young mages who offered to house him for the night. Austin and Drew discovered that the Dome covers the entire city around the perimeter and see that there is no threat outside The Dome.

DAY #2:
Reece and Austin have a green glowing glyph on their chests, and Austin headed to the guild to see what the glyph is.


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